Commonwealth Games hurdles

There will be many hurdles to get over with the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games next year... and not all will be Track and Field events!

Williams Group are currently putting together a strategic plan to minimise disruption to our business and that of our customers (particularly on the Gold Coast).

We are looking at ways to get product into our depots and out to your job sites, however based on information from GCCC we believe there is a high chance of delays in deliveries to site.

The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games is coming around very quick and although many believe that the Games won't have any effect on day to day operation, it is highly likely that businesses will be affected with road closures and traffic congestion. Information provided by GCCC has indicated that 1.2 Million spectators, 6,600 athletes and 50,000 volunteers at venues ranging from Belmont to Coolangatta will add an anticipated additional 6 Million trips on our roads. In addition to logistical supply, movement of associated trades including subbies, certifiers,concrete, pumps etc. will be affected.

Things for you to consider:

  • Build Contracts (April could be a no work month)
  • Staffing
  • Site Travel
  • Subcontractors not aware of the disruption.

Where some of our clients have indicated that they are planning to down tools during this period, many are unaware of potential disruptions. As part of our planning we would like to gather as much information as possible, please click on the following questionnaire that will assist us in staying one step ahead.
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