A growing trend, particularly in the southern states, is the introduction of Floor Cassette Systems. These provide a fast, cost effective way to install a complete structural flooring system for both ground floor and upper storey applications.

Williams Group Australia don't generally see a lot of requests for this service, however we are monitoring the market and possibly will offer this service in the future.

Benefits of Cassette Floor Systems.
cassette floor systems

Benefits include, quicker install times shaving days of installation, precision designed and engineered allowing for greater quality control, spans up to 10 metres, reduced cut and fill, install complete upper storey cassettes from below to reduce working at height risks.

For ground floor applications, using cassettes in combination with the concrete-free Surefoot foundation system will enable the complete flooring structure to be installed in under two days, by one supplier, shaving days off the construction schedule.

The cassettes use Pryda Longreach (timber web) or Pryda Span (metal web) floor trusses to form a structural system using flooring material, insulation (optional), strong-backs, connections and bracing.

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